• FAQs about Replacing HVAC Systems in Collinsville, IL

    February 26, 2019
  • Important Facts to Know when Thinking about HVAC System Replacement

    Air conditioners are expensive, so you’re probably not too excited at the prospect of replacing yours one day. Thankfully, proper maintenance can prevent you from having to replace your A/C system before the end of its life expectancy. If and when you have to replace your A/C, this FAQ we put together should help.

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    How long should an air conditioner last?

    Air conditioners are generally rated to last between 15 and 20 years, although it depends on how well you take care of them. A well-maintained system may last 20 years while a poorly maintained one may die after 10.

    How often should I maintain my A/C?

    At the very least, you should schedule yearly maintenance for your air conditioning system. This ensures that everything is clean and in working order, and that no major problems are developing.

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    When should I opt for repairs?

    If you’re considering repairing your air conditioner instead of replacing it, consider the repair cost versus the cost of replacing your A/C. While it will be cheaper to repair your unit, you’ll still have to replace it sooner and you’ll be using a less efficient air conditioner.

    Only repair your A/C if it’s newer and the cost is low.

    When should I replace my A/C?

    If your air conditioner is more than 20 years old, you should have it replaced as soon as you can afford it. If it isn’t nearing the end of its life, it all depends on what’s wrong with it.

    As a general rule of thumb, many contractors will advise you to replace your air conditioner if the repair cost multiplied by the age of your A/C unit in years is more than the cost of a new air conditioner.

    How much does a new air conditioner cost?

    You will generally have to spend between $5,000 and $7,000 to have your whole-house A/C system replaced, although the cost will ultimately depend on the contractor you choose and the size of your air conditioner.

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    Your Move

    If repairing the air conditioner in your Collinsville, IL, home isn’t looking like the most economical move, give the HVAC pros at Fairview Heating, Cooling & Appliance Repair a call. We can discuss your options for replacement air conditioners and have a new system installed in your home in no time.