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    Emergency ac repair technician  collinsville, illinois

    Worried about keeping your home cool throughout those hot summer months? Fear not! Call your local air conditioner repair and installation experts for the services that you need. At Fairview Heating & Cooling, we provide a variety of HVAC services to those in Collinsville Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas. Additionally, our family-owned business knows the unease of broken comfort systems on a hot summer day. We use our decades of training and experience to ensure we fix your problems promptly for your complete satisfaction.

    Contact Fairview Heating & Cooling to schedule the repairs you need today!

  • Expert Air Conditioning Repair Collinsville IL

    Those in the Collinsville area know the best place to call for all their air conditioning installation and repair needs. We offer a team of trained, knowledgeable specialists that provide service for all commercial and residential locations. Our experts provide service regardless of make or model.

    Contact us for repair and service of the following types of air conditioners:

    • Mobile Home Air Conditioners
    • Hybrid Air Conditioners
    • Portable Air Conditioners
    • Window Air Conditioners
    • Ductless Mini Splits
    • Central Air Conditioners
  • Additionally, contact us for any of the following common A/C problems:

    • Faulty compressor
    • Faulty condenser
    • Dirty coils
    • Frozen coils
    • Faulty blower fan
    • A/C unit blowing arm air
    • More…
  • Collinsville Illinois AC Repair Specialists

    Comfort systems of all types need regular maintenance to ensure they work properly. Ideally, you should have your air conditioning system tune-up once every year to ensure proper function, repair any failing parts, and keep your system’s energy efficiency under control. Your A/C system may be costing you more due to dirty parts, blocked airways, and more!

    Contact our staff for an A/C tune-up that includes:

    • Refrigerant Check
    • Electrical Connections Check
    • Gas Connections Check
    • Thermostat Check & Calibration
    • Evaporator Check & Cleaning
    • Condenser Check & Cleaning
    • Filter Inspection & Replacement
    • Ductwork Inspection
    • Airflow Testing
    • Safety Control Inspection
    • Lubricate Parts
    • More…
  • Collinsville24-Hour Air Conditioning Experts

    We’re the proud providers of expert air conditioning and HVAC services for those in Collinsville, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. We know the frustration of comfort system failures and we provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure you always have access to the service that you need. From simple tune-ups to major repairs, you’ll see why people all over know Fairview Heating & Cooling for HVAC services!