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    Emergency ac repair check air conditioner in columbia, illinois

    Notice that your cooling bills are on the rise? Want to stop overspending on utilities? Call for an air conditioning tune-up or repairs from your local HVAC contractors. At Fairview Heating & Cooling, we offer a wide variety of installation, repair, and maintenance services for those in Columbia Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas. Furthermore, the people at our family-owned company understand your need for fast, efficient repairs that don’t break the bank. That’s why we’re here to serve our local community, to affordable repairs that last. Why wait for the other guys to show up? Call Fairview Heating & Cooling, your experienced leader in air conditioning tune-up and repair services!

  • Expert Air Conditioning Repair Columbia IL

    Those in the Columbia, Illinois area know who the experts are when it comes to air conditioning installation and repair. Fairview Heating & Cooling offers a wide variety of services from friendly and trained techs that are sure to get the job done right. Whether your AC unit is blowing warm air or no air at all, our fully-stocked vans have the parts and tools to help us solve all your air conditioning problems. We provide commercial and residential AC service for all makes and models of the following systems:

    • Central Air Conditioners
    • Ductless Mini-Splits
    • Window Air Conditioners
    • Portable Air Conditioners
    • Hybrid Air Conditioners
    • Mobile Home Air Conditioners
  • Also, we offer fast solutions to some of your most common a/c problems such as:

    • Air conditioner blowing warm air
    • Faulty blower fan
    • Frozen coils
    • Dirty coils
    • Faulty condenser
    • Faulty compressor
    • More…
  • Columbia Illinois AC Repair Specialists

    Many people don’t know that comfort systems are prone to breakdowns as they get older. That’s why it’s smart to schedule a yearly air conditioning tune-up before peak season hits. An AC tune-up, done by a trained professional, provides inspection and cleaning of all components of your system. Additionally, a yearly tune-up helps avoid costly repairs and keeps your unit energy efficiency, which helps keep your bills from rising. Have you had your tune-up yet? Contact Fairview Heating & Cooling for service that includes:

    • Refrigerant Check
    • Electrical Connections Check
    • Gas Connections Check
    • Thermostat Check & Calibration
    • Evaporator Check & Cleaning
    • Condenser Check & Cleaning
    • Filter Inspection & Replacement
    • Ductwork Inspection
    • Airflow Testing
    • Safety Control Inspection
    • Lubricate Parts
  • Air Conditioning Installation in Columbia

    We’re proud to provide the trusted, local HVAC specialist for those in Columbia, Illinois and throughout the surrounding Metro-East communities. Additionally, know that we won’t make you wait when you have a problem – we offer 24-hour emergency service and will never overcharge you because you had an emergency. Whether your system needs major repairs or a simple AC tune-up, trust that Fairview Heating & Cooling will be there with the solutions you need!